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[E-Book] Computer Forensics with FTK


This tutorial contains detailed instructions with useful integrated examples that help you understand the main features of ftk and how you can use it to analyze evidence. this book has clear and concise guidance in an easily accessible format. this tutorial-based guide is great for you if you want to conduct digital investigations with an integrated platform. whether you are new to computer forensics or have some experience, this book will help you get started with ftk so you can analyze evidence effectively and efficiently. if you are a law enforcement official, corporate security, or it professional who needs to evaluate the evidentiary value of digital evidence, then this book is ideal for you.




Formato: Epub
Autor: Carbone, Fernando
Editora: Packt Publishing
Ano de Edição: 2014
Disponível para ler em: Android, Desktop-OSX, Desktop-Windows, Ereader, IPad, IPhone
ISBN: 9781783559039


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