[E-Book] Computer Forensics with FTK

This tutorial contains detailed instructions with useful integrated examples that help you understand the main features of ftk and how you can use it to analyze evidence. this book has clear and concise guidance in an easily accessible format. this tutorial-based guide is great for you if you want to conduct digital investigations with an integrated platform. whether you are new to computer forensics or have some experience, this book will help you get started with ftk so you can analyze evidence effectively and efficiently. if you are a law enforcement official, corporate security, or it professional who needs to evaluate the evidentiary value of digital evidence, then this book is ideal for you.

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[E-Book] EnCase Computer Forensics – Study Guide

The official, guidance software-approved book on the newest enceexam! the ence exam tests that computer forensic analysts andexaminers have thoroughly mastered computer investigationmethodologies, as well as the use of guidance software's encaseforensic 7. the only official guidance-endorsed study guide on thetopic, this book prepares you for the exam with extensive coverageof all exam topics, real-world scenarios, hands-on exercises,up-to-date legal information, and sample evidence files,flashcards, and more.guides readers through preparation for the newest encasecertified examiner (ence) examprepares candidates for both phase 1 and phase 2 of the exam,as well as for practical use of the certificationcovers identifying and searching hardware and files systems,handling evidence on the scene, and acquiring digital evidenceusing encase forensic 7includes hands-on exercises, practice questions, and up-to-datelegal informationsample evidence files, sybex test engine, electronicflashcards, and moreif you're preparing for the new ence exam, this is the studyguide you need.

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[E-Book] The Official CHFI Study Guide (Exam 312-49)

This is the official CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator) study guide for professionals studying for the forensics exams and for professionals needing the skills to identify an intruder's footprints and properly gather the necessary evidence to prosecute.

The EC-Council offers certification for ethical hacking and computer forensics. Their ethical hacker exam has become very popular as an industry gauge and we expect the forensics exam to follow suit.

Material is presented in a logical learning sequence: a section builds upon previous sections and a chapter on previous chapters. All concepts, simple and complex, are defined and explained when they appear for the first time. This book includes: Exam objectives covered in a chapter are clearly explained in the beginning of the chapter, Notes and Alerts highlight crucial points, Exam’s Eye View emphasizes the important points from the exam’s perspective, Key Terms present definitions of key terms used in the chapter, Review Questions contains the questions modeled after real exam questions based on the material covered in the chapter. Answers to the questions are presented with explanations. Also included is a full practice exam modeled after the real exam.

* The only study guide for CHFI, provides 100% coverage of all exam objectives. * Full web-based exam with explanations of correct and incorrect answers * CHFI Training runs hundreds of dollars for self tests to thousands of dollars for classroom training.

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[E-Book] Incident Response & Computer Forensics

Written by fbi insiders, this updated best-seller offers a look at the legal, procedural, and technical steps of incident response and computer forensics. including new chapters on forensic analysis and remediation, and real-world case studies, this revealing book shows how to counteract and conquer today’s hack attacks.

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[E-Book] Scene of Cybercrime – Computer Forensics Handbook

"Cybercrime and cyber-terrorism represent a serious challenge to society as a whole." - hans christian krüger, deputy secretary general of the council of europecrime has been with us as long as laws have existed, and modern technology has given us a new type of criminal activity: cybercrime. computer and network related crime is a problem that spans the globe, and unites those in two disparate fields: law enforcement and information technology. this book will help both it pros and law enforcement specialists understand both their own roles and those of the other, and show why that understanding and an organized, cooperative effort is necessary to win the fight against this new type of crime.62% of us companies reported computer-related security breaches resulting in damages of $124 million dollars. this data is an indication of the massive need for cybercrime training within the it and law enforcement communities.the only book that covers cybercrime from forensic investigation through prosecution. cybercrime is one of the battlefields in the war against terror.

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[E-Book] Investigative Computer Forensics

"Having worked with erik on some of the most challenging computer forensic investigations during the early years of this industry's formation as well as having competed with him earnestly in the marketplace...i can truly say that erik is one of the unique pioneers of computer forensic investigations. he not only can distill complex technical information into easily understandable concepts, but he always retained a long-term global perspective on the relevancy of our work and on the impact of the information revolution on the social and business structures of tomorrow." —from the foreword by james gordon, managing director, navigant consulting, inc. get the knowledge you need to make informed decisions throughout the computer forensic investigation process investigative computer forensics zeroes in on a real need felt by lawyers, jurists, accountants, administrators, senior managers, and business executives around the globe: to understand the forensic investigation landscape before having an immediate and dire need for the services of a forensic investigator. author erik laykin—leader and pioneer of computer forensic investigations—presents complex technical information in easily understandable concepts, covering: a primer on computers and networks computer forensic fundamentals investigative fundamentals objectives and challenges in investigative computer forensics e-discovery responsibilities the future of computer forensic investigations get the knowledge you need to make tough decisions during an internal investigation or while engaging the capabilities of a computer forensic professional with the proven guidance found in investigative computer forensics.

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[E-Book] Computer Forensics Jumpstart

Essential reading for launching a career in computer forensics internet crime is on the rise, catapulting the need for computer forensics specialists. this new edition presents you with a completely updated overview of the basic skills that are required as a computer forensics professional. the author team of technology security veterans introduces the latest software and tools that exist and they review the available certifications in this growing segment of it that can help take your career to a new level. a variety of real-world practices take you behind the scenes to look at the root causes of security attacks and provides you with a unique perspective as you launch a career in this fast-growing field. explores the profession of computer forensics, which is more in demand than ever due to the rise of internet crime details the ways to conduct a computer forensics investigation highlights tips and techniques for finding hidden data, capturing images, documenting your case, and presenting evidence in court as an expert witness walks you through identifying, collecting, and preserving computer evidence explains how to understand encryption and examine encryption files computer forensics jumpstart is the resource you need to launch a career in computer forensics.

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[E-Book] Computer Forensics and Digital Investigation

Conduct repeatable, defensible investigations with encase forensic v7 maximize the powerful tools and features of the industry-leading digital investigation software. computer forensics and digital investigation with encase forensic v7 reveals, step by step, how to detect illicit activity, capture and verify evidence, recover deleted and encrypted artifacts, prepare court-ready documents, and ensure legal and regulatory compliance. the book illustrates each concept using downloadable evidence from the national institute of standards and technology cfreds. customizable sample procedures are included throughout this practical guide. install encase forensic v7 and customize the user interface prepare your investigation and set up a new case collect and verify evidence from suspect computers and networks use the encase evidence processor and case analyzer uncover clues using keyword searches and filter results through grep work with bookmarks, timelines, hash sets, and libraries handle case closure, final disposition, and evidence destruction carry out field investigations using encase portable learn to program in encase enscript

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[E-Book] Hacking Exposed (Computer Forensics)

"Provides the right mix of practical how-to knowledge in a straightforward, informative fashion that ties it all the complex pieces together with real-world case studies. ...delivers the most valuable insight on the market. the authors cut to the chase of what people must understand to effectively perform computer forensic investigations." --brian h. karney, coo, accessdata corporation the latest strategies for investigating cyber-crime identify and investigate computer criminals of all stripes with help from this fully updated. real-world resource. hacking exposed computer forensics, second edition explains how to construct a high-tech forensic lab, collect prosecutable evidence, discover e-mail and system file clues, track wireless activity, and recover obscured documents. learn how to re-create an attacker's footsteps, communicate with counsel, prepare court-ready reports, and work through legal and organizational challenges. case studies straight from today's headlines cover ip theft, mortgage fraud, employee misconduct, securities fraud, embezzlement, organized crime, and consumer fraud cases. effectively uncover, capture, and prepare evidence for investigation store and process collected data in a highly secure digital forensic lab restore deleted documents, partitions, user activities, and file systems analyze evidence gathered from windows, linux, and macintosh systems use the latest web and client-based e-mail tools to extract relevant artifacts overcome the hacker's anti-forensic, encryption, and obscurity techniques unlock clues stored in cell phones, pdas, and windows mobile devices prepare legal documents that will hold up to judicial and defense scrutiny

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[E-Book] Introdução à Computação Forense

"Com uma linguagem simples e objetiva, Victor Martinelli descreve, com enfoque teórico, metodologias e ferramentas empregadas na computação forense, além de abordar o panorama atual dos crimes virtuais no Brasil. Para uma visão ""do outro lado da moeda"", são abordadas também algumas técnicas de ação antiforense, utilizadas para a destruição total de dados (wipe) e o mascaramento e ocultação de informações (esteganografia). Agregando um enorme valor à obra, o autor descreve ainda cases que possibilitam uma visão ""real"" de cenários ilícitos no meio virtual, bem como a atuação da perícia forense computacional para a obtenção de evidências com validade probatória em juízo. Uma ótima leitura para estudantes, iniciantes e entusiastas da área de computação forense!"

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